Weight Loss

Acupuncture has been used to help combat addiction and curb cigarette cravings for a long time. Many people have had success and now research is supporting these claims.

Acupuncture helps with smoking addiction in many ways. It may stop jitters, curb cravings, lessen irritability and restlessness, increase relaxation and help detoxify the body.

In a recent study, “Alternative Smoking Cessation Aids: A Meta-analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials,” researchers gathered data from 14 different studies to see which alternative techniques helped patients stop smoking. The acupuncture studies examined 823 different patients. The researchers concluded that both acupuncture and hypnotherapy may help patients quit smoking. The scientific world is far from definitively recommending acupuncture for smoking cessation, but more and more research shows that it does help many people.

Just as Acupuncture can help to curb tobacco and nicotine cravings, it can also help to reduce food cravings. Please call for more information on auriculotherapy for smoking cessation or weight loss.