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In a perfect world, cake and ice cream would have zero calories and no consequences.  So would chocolate. 
In a perfect world, we would have the wit and wisdom of a 50 year old and the face of a 30 year old.
Everyone wants to look good and feel good.  But few are willing to experience the expense, pain and potential side effects of taking the drastic measures involved with surgical face lifts and /or botox injections.
A very effective, non-surgical alternative is acupuncture for facial rejuvenation.  Cosmetic acupuncture can deliver a fresh-faced radiance while diminishing the facial signs of aging.  Cosmetic acupuncture is far less costly than cosmetic surgery.  Acupuncture is safe, virtually painless, has no side effects or risk of disfigurement.  Surgery may have an extended recovery period with swelling and discoloration.  In comparison, facial acupuncture has no trauma.  In some people, slight local bruising may occur at the location of the needle placement, especially around the eyes and neck area.   These bruises disappear in 3 to 7 days.
While facial acupuncture does not produce the dramatic results seen with cosmetic surgery, it will help the face look youger, healthier and more radiant.  Acupuncture cannot reshape chins or noses, but it will help rejuvenate the face and take years off the face safely and naturally.  More importantly, the treatments address the underlying causes of aging, which is preferable to masking symptoms with invasive procedures.
We are not the only culture in search of the proverbial Fountain of Youth.  The Chinese have practiced cosmetic acupuncture for centuries.  Eight hundred years ago during the Sung Dynasty (960AD - 1270AD), this type of treatment was performed on the royal families.  They desired the same things we want: health and beauty.  In recent years, we have observed patients with Bell's Palsy and facial paralysis from stroke to improve not only in their motor function but their facial appearance as well.
The International Journal of Clinical Acupuncture reported that amoung 300 cases treated with cosmetic acupuncture, 90% had noticeable effects with one course of treatment (one course of treatment is 10-12 visits).  The effects included: the skin becomes delicate, improved elasticity of facial muscles, ruddier complexion and overall rejuvenation.
Dr Janine Fruhling has completed many hours of cosmetic acupuncture training and has numerous facial and tummy tuck clients currently undergoing treatment.  In addition to faces and tummies, we can also do thighs, underarms and breasts.
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